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We generate focused engineering team, out of a network of more than 200 professionals to deliver engineering results to our customers.

Growing product complexity requires multiple engineering skills to collaborate to achieve valuable results with no compromise upon competences.

Need of multiple CAD, CAM and CAE tools turns SW licenses expenditure into an undesired fixed cost burden.

Life cycle of products is shortening and Small and Medium sized companies risk to be excluded by the market when their product needs to run after competitors’ evolution or when their customers require to be supported in the development with co-design, cost reduction and problem solving.

Leonardo’s engineering network is the answer to such a challenge:

we can generate focused engineering team, autonomously coordinated, to support our customer’s development and problem solving needs. We can reach state-of-the-art competences without the need of increasing fixed costs and, when necessary, transferring competence into our customers’ organization, training their future specialists.

We commit to deliver contractual and tangible results assuming the responsibility for supplying the necessary tangible and intangible resources.

Railway Water Pump

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Large ship crankshaft failure

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Product Development Process Review and Improvement

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Diesel Injection System dynamics for CO2 reduction

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Variable Drive train dynamics Brand Identity Experience

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Piston bore profile

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Marine Propulsion
Planing Vessels

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CAE Training
MotoGP Engine Modelling

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